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Do you dream of running your own business Find out how to become an exclusive agent of The Co-operators. You can be our next success story. Why become a Holy-Stone Agent?
  • Excellent revenue earning opportunity with Holy-Stone.
  • Increased traffic to in your business and to generate additional revenue for your business.
  • Low costs.
  • Ample variety of products to offer more options for your customers.
  • Attractive commissions on each product.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • And many other benefits.
Benefits of Becoming a Holy- Stone Agent
  • You can be our agent on your own. We'll give you $20% off of the official price.
  • You can recommend a friend to have a deal, and we will give you 5%~8% rebates and extra, business bonuses.For example, for $10000, we will give you a corresponding return of $500~800, directly to your account.
Be your own boss
  • Time is free
  • Income is not capped
  • Your business can be as large as you like
  • Develop a plan to provide the "good life" later
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